Friday, March 30, 2012

Udderly Delightful

The udders on a cow can tell you a great deal... how close the cow is to calving, or if she's already been milked, for example. So, feeling sort of like a pervert, I walked around and took pictures of different cow udders to illustrate this point.

When a cow gets closer to giving birth, her udders will fill and look tight with the milk that's inside. Before that, her udders will tend to look looser. Also, heifers* tend to have little udders that will become larger after a year of milking.

After milking, the udders will soften and look looser. In older cows, they will soften so much that they look like an empty leather bag. All of these pictures were taken many hours after milking in the afternoon, however.

*Heifers haven't had a calf yet, while cows have. Who knew?

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