Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rugs, Yurts & Wasps - Living Accommodations on Brightwood Vineyard & Farm

I realized that I haven't posted anything about my living accommodations here. I know that all of you, faithful readers, are intensely curious, so I'll do my best to correct this egregious error immediately.

Some of you may remember that I was weirdly excited about the yurt, which Susan told me was where the interns live. As it turns out, my excitement was a bit premature. Brian and Autumn, the other two interns who arrived last week, are living in the yurt. I was a little disappointed to start, but now that I've settled into the platform tent next door, I'm completely over my sadness.

It's a very spacious tent, and - for now, at least - I have it all to myself. I can hear the creek, which adds to the ambiance, but has the unfortunate side effect of making me need to get up in the middle of the night for potty breaks.

Susan bought rugs to spice up the inside of the tent... when I first got here, it was pretty spartan inside, but the coverlet and rugs go a long way to make it quite homey.

Eventually, I'd like to visit a Goodwill and get some shelves or a dresser to store my clothes, and maybe a few other little things, to add more color and give it some personal touches. For now, though, I'm content.

I even have a tulip on my bedside table.

My only complaint thus far is that wasps seem to find the inside of my tent highly desirable. After cleaning yesterday, I went to grab my bag, and closed my hand around a wasp. Little bugger stung me on the finger, and I did what was probably a very entertaining dance routine, sprinkled liberally with expletives.

Luckily, a nice man named Josh who's working on a patio for Susan and Dean came to the rescue. He gave me a wad of chewing tobacco from his pocket, which I applied to the sting. Immediately, I could feel the venom (or whatever it is) traveling back down my arm and being drawn out. It was an incredibly weird feeling, but infinitely preferable to the sensation of being stung.

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