Monday, April 25, 2011

Morel Hunting on Easter Sunday - My First Wild Mushroom

After a nice little Easter service at the church down the road, I hopped in my car yesterday and drove an hour and a half southward to go "mirkel hunting".

"Mirkel" is the local term for "morel". The story goes that the locals say when the morels come up, it's a "mirkel"! (Mirkel = Miracle, by the way.)

I was asked along by Josh and Andreas, two extremely nice fellows who I met while they were building a stone patio for Susan. Josh knows a mountain near Wintergreen where he's had luck morel hunting in the past, so that's where we went.

It was actually my first time on a wild mushroom hunt. It was a beautiful day for it - the sun was out, but it wasn't super hot, and I got a nice hike out of the bargain as well.

And while we didn't quite make out like bandits, we found enough for me to enjoy a very nice breakfast this morning.


  1. That is so funny! Beth and I found some morels in our back yard and cooked them up last night. Just goes to show, that even far apart, we are still under the same sky eating the same creepy brain mushrooms.

  2. I wondered why I could faintly taste mushrooms last night.

  3. Yes! As Abbie said, I found like five random morels in our backyard. I'm tempted to go out to Eagle Creek or something and look for more--I actually grew up going mushroom hunting every year with my dad in the fall-- but I didn't like the morels as much. They were almost too strong in flavor; I only ate two and I could taste mushroom the rest of the night.