Friday, July 27, 2012

Two Weeks And Counting

After tomorrow, I only have two weeks left here at Clear Spring Creamery, and then I'll be off to my next big adventure... grad school.

On August 27th, I will be starting classes for my MA in Food Studies, a three-year-old program at the new College of Sustainability at Chatham University. I'm starting to get antsy to begin - I've signed my lease, bought my furniture, and penciled in the start date in my calendar. Is it even possible to be any more prepared? I thought not.

I know this blog has mainly focused on my farming activities the last two years, with fun stories about goats and cows and manure and so forth, and I'm not really sure what direction I'll be taking it when I start school. Recipes? Discussions of food systems and policy? The struggles of trying to eat locally/organically on a grad school budget? Pictures of my pitiful attempts to grow herbs on the back porch?

I shall depend upon you, my faithful readers, to let me know. Thoughts, recommendations, constructive criticisms... I want it all.

In the meantime, for another fourteen days I will continue to milk cows, bottle yogurt, and hawk dairy products to passer-by.

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